A Little Sammy Music


It’s not just a story about a dog. It’s about an extraordinary four-legged being and the lives he touched . . . and continues to touch!

The Book

A Little Sammy Music is a dog book. Author Suzanne Lane is, by her own admission, a “born rescuer,” having taken in, at various times, dogs, cats, a pigeon, a fiancé, and a husband. As one by one the objects of her rescue die or move out, she becomes determined to spare herself the heartache of loss. And, after repeated unsuccessful attempts at dating, she realizes that she can be happy alone. Everything changes, however, when she receives an urgent e-mail that reads, “This dog will die tomorrow if someone doesn’t get him out of the system.”

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This message sets in motion a series of events that ends with a new soul living in her life: a forty-two pound, five-year-old dog of uncertain lineage (though one of his parents was likely a pit bull). His distinctive black and white markings are reminiscent of a snow leopard.
Even though she knows Sammy’s days will be numbered if she sends him back to the shelter, Lane struggles with the question of whether to keep him. Sammy is not housebroken, is clumsy, is in constant need of veterinary attention, and difficult to walk, though he is also funny, charming, and enthusiastic.
One almost fatal episode opens up Lane’s heart.

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All proceeds from A Little Sammy Music will support Eleventh Hour Rescue.


I LOVE THIS BOOK!! I It made me feel every possible emotion, and I completely related to the author and her deep relationship with Sammy. About 8 years ago my family and I adopted Gunther the Wonder Dog from the American Brittany Rescue Network, when he was 6 years old. Almost a year ago, Gunther passed on at the age of 13. We are still in mourning for this special dog, but we loved every second of our precious time with him. We weren’t quite sure if we were ready to adopt another dog just yet, but after reading “A Little Sammy Music,” there’s no doubt in my mind — it’s time. I’ve bought a few copies of this book to share with friends — both those who have pets and those who do not — because the messages in this book transcend pet ownership; it’s all about compromise, empathy, compassion, dedication, and unconditional love. Do not hesitate to buy this book for yourself, and for others. Lastly, if you are considering getting a dog or cat, please consider adoption. There are hundreds of thousands of animals who could use a little love and kindness.


What a beautiful love story…it is not just a dog story but a story of people who love animals and rescue them…I knew Sammy and he was an amazing dog…I met him when he was older and having trouble getting around but the joie de vivre was still there. He was very special.


Easily one of the greatest reads, I loved every page of this heartfelt book. I laughed and cried and didn’t want it to end. Perfect for any animal lover – it’s a truly beautiful story.


If you are a dog lover—and even if you’re not—read this poignant story about a humane human who rescues a dog and opens her own heart. It’s beautifully written with touches of humor and deep insights about true love and committment. I fell in love with Sammy, the dog, and with Suzanne Lane, who makes a home for him, gives him a joyous life, all the while caring for her elderly mother. I read it one sitting. Bring a tissue!


This is a heart warming story about a rescue dog, that was going to be put to sleep but for this loving women who took Sammy in and opened up her heart to this precious dog. Through the years they developed a loving relationship regardless of the health problems Sammy had and they enjoyed many years of loving happiness together. I laughed and I cried while reading this touching story and as a dog lover I understood the feelings that they shared together. Great read for all dog lovers and those who seek to find a companion from the Animal Rescue Shelters.

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